Sometimes old technology can be repurposed, often less complex and less risky than bleeding edge tech. Space Perspective is a new commercial space company that believes that to be true. They want to take you into space, not in a rocket but in a high-altitude balloon.

It actually makes considerable sense. Taking passengers to the edge of space is not only a hell of a lot cheaper, it’s profoundly safer than a rocket laden with gallons of explosive fuel. But there’s another benefit to the idea, the experience will be almost serene as the balloon ascends at a gentle 12mph.

The pod itself will be equipped with satellite communication which is rumoured to even allow passengers to live post and stream their experiences. Each trip will consist of eight passengers and one pilot.

Of course the reason everyone is using rockets and not balloons is that high-altitude balloons are really limited in altitude. The Space Perspective craft will have to fly much lower at 100,000 feet, or 19 miles up. A rocket powered craft like Virgin Galactic’s will reach around 50 miles up.

But at 100,000ft at the edge of the stratosphere passengers will still see the curvature of the earth against the blackness of space, it will be a gentle and beautiful trip, and one we cannot wait to try out ourselves.