Dior Homme does Gattaca


CYBR Magazine | April 16, 2018

If there was a collection I had to live in forever, there simply is no competition. When Dior Homme decided to take influence from a Gattaca aesthetic. The Dior Homme fall 2013.

The similarities of aesthetic are as aligned as the straight cuts and formed lines. A vision of the future by Dior, a vision of what formal can really look like when given that minimal futurist style. There’s even a hint of religious undertones to the collection, perhaps echoing at how technology is fast becoming like a religion. Apple tends to style its own stores like churches and places of worship. Dior have clearly picked up on this fact.

See our favourite picks below:

Dior Homme Fall 2013

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Dior Homme Fall 2013

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futuristic fashion

Dior Homme Fall 2013

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