When you think of Kickstarter, what pops to mind? Startups and brands starting their latest board-game, phone charger, or the latest home BBQ. Your mind probably doesn’t jump straight to a space habitat that will one day be one of the first structures on the Moon_

Karl-Johan and Sebastian from Saga Space are space architects. We featured the duo back in ISSUE_04 of CYBR Magazine on their incredible journey designing houses, habitats and structures for space. Now their latest project Lunark has its sights firmly set on the moon.

lunark moon habitat

The Lunark Project on Kickstarter has already reached 90% of its goal, and it’s no surprise – the level of detail and thought that the duo and their team have is exceptional, creating a habitat that has real usability and not just part of some marketing pipe dream. But the fact is, it has to be functional, because later this year the pair will take their habitat to the Arctic and live in it for a staggering three months – isolated and confined in one of the harshest climates on Earth, enduring -30°C, hurricane winds, and hungry polar bears.

So how can you get involved? The team have set up all sorts of exciting perks, from having your name printed on the inside of the lunar habitat, to merchandise, and even DIY kits of the Lunark itself. All available to drive the project over the line and help make this next stage of space exploration and progress take place.

Karl-Johan reflects on the reason for Saga’s mission of creating space habitats:

If SpaceX will send astronauts to Mars. Who is designing the homes when they get there?

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