The Mars 2117 project is a simple concept – To build a colony on Mars in less than 100 years. In reality, it’s one of the most complex things as a species we’ll ever attempt.

The Mars 2117 project is a scheme created by the United Arab Emirates, to create a completely closed city on the Martian surface. Now the designs have been released, created by Danish architectural firm BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group).

The first step for this ambitious project is to build the entire complex in the UAE desert, creating a 177,000 square foot science park dedicated to research of Mars, called Mars Science City.

The domes might look futuristic, but for us the most futuristic fact of all is that the walls of these domes are going to be 3D printed from the very desert sand they sit on.

The project is rumoured to cost a colossal $135 Million, which if we’re honest is just a drop in the bucket of what an actual Martian colony will cost to create. But the architects and project builders are determined to build it on Earth first to help conduct experiments on water, energy and even how living in this complex will affect us as humans.

For us 2117 is a welcome deadline to have a colony on Mars, if we can just speed the process up a little, with more help from SpaceX, we’re getting very excited about our multi-planetary possibilities