On The Ground At The Global Climate Strike


James Joseph | September 28, 2019

We’ve all heard Greta Thunberg‘s words and passion for ‘climate justice’, and nearly all of us agree and support the changes she’s advocating. But this weekend I ended up on the ground with the Vancouver Climate Strike march, part of the Global Climate Strike, and the sheer power Greta has formed surprised me, for anyone ignoring this movement of youth, you’re in for a big surprise.

From the vantage point inside the march, one thing was clear, Greta has charged an entire generation with passion and creativity. This was certainly not a doss day, or a day to impress others through social media. There was a real concern, and real rebellion at points, whilst still maintaining a peaceful and fun atmosphere. Most were extremely educated about the cause. The age range began around 12 and ended around 18, for those of us older, we made up small numbers compared. This is wholeheartedly a movement founded within Gen-Z.

Now, it’s no secret I’m a content guy at heart, and my interest always lies within culture. It’s this which hit me the hardest on the march, the culture that is being created within this cause and the individuality it’s creating. Signs are beautifully painted, some with painstaking effort, all with their own individual slogans, there are meme references from Drake to the classic ‘This is Fine’ meme, alongside an accent of Gen-Z culture. This generation are expressing themselves through their signs, for anyone who wants to take a picture, they cover their faces with the sign, and make double sure the bystander ‘got the picture’. For the naysayers who argue this is wholly a sanctimonious social media exercise, you’re simply wrong. It’s their identity, their way of expressing not only the passion for a better world but including their artistic influences. After all, hiding your own face on social media in photos isn’t going to get you much fame or recognition.

If you’re not concerned about climate change, then be concerned for this: An entire generation are determined to make serious changes to the way we live, to save our planet for themselves, and future generations. They are intelligent, educated, and pro-active. And their opposition? Well…

To see some of our favourite and best signs from the Global Climate Strike see the gallery below