For those of you who just saw the SpaceX Crew Dragon blast into the upper atmosphere and into space, what a thrilling event it was. For those of you who missed it… just what were you doing instead?

This was a moment in history we will look back on. Yes, it’s the first time humans have launched into space from American soil in the best part of a decade, and yes it’s a great step for Nasa’s and SpaceX’s relationship. But the real historic point here is that a private company just achieved human space flight. Their own technology and innovation which solely owned by SpaceX achieved this, and having a successful crewed NASA flight, in short, gives them a glowing green light to launch commercial passengers as soon as they wish.

Put it this way, out of the current options – SpaceX, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic and Boeing, who are you going to trust first? The only one with proven and near-earth orbit experience is Musk’s company. Yes Virgin Galactic will soon be operational, but the craft is much more focused on speeding up Earth to Earth location travel, and isn’t even in the same league as what SpaceX has achieved over the last decade.

Image courtesy of NASA

Just two hours ago, astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken docked with the International Space Station automatically, and whilst held back for a short amount of time due to capsule to station communication issues, entered the space station to join the current crew of the ISS.

The flight from earth to 262 miles up to the ISS orbit was as smooth as you could have asked for. With the second stage recovered perfectly at sea onboard a drone ship, and the Crew Dragon capsule working perfectly all flight, which Bob and Doug have now named ‘Endeavour’ after their last space craft, Space Shuttle Endeavour.

All we need now is an announcement from Musk of those commercial passengers who were announced several months back, and the long-awaited moon mission that he’s promised. How soon can private citizens like ourselves start to launch into space? We’re predicting a couple of years for highly trained billionares, and 10-20 years for the rest of us! Get ready!