As we get used to our ‘new world’ of social distancing the consumer tech is joining us with new ways to sanitize, clean and stay healthy. LG have brought to market the ‘LG Styler’ which is essentially a wardrobe shaped steamer. But the brand has been quick to pivot the product around santization, rightly pointing out that the LG Styler can disinfect 99.9% of germs.

As our world changes, sanitization is going to become a big movement. As we go back to work a world of immunity passports, fabrics with antimicrobial properties woven into clothing, office furniture and public transport seats, face masks evolving from just demand to a sustained trend and digital life being more prominent than the physical one are all trends that will become substantial normality.

The LG Styler might feel like a gimmick now, but perhaps in 2021 it won’t feel so weird. Only time will tell to see if society wants to disinfect at home as well as in the workplace.