SLIT is a new project from Parasite Label and Virgo, a completely virtual rave that transcends the digital and physical world.

Each Saturday a DJ lineup selected by Parasite takes to this new world, as creatures of all types fill the space, for here you can be anyone you want, and even have Gothic angel wings and a six-foot serpent tail.

SLIT is hosted on IMVU a virtual second life that was introduced in the noughties and has gained massive notoriety since. Reaching 6 Million users in 2014. But bringing this forward into 2020 the SLIT series is streamed on Twitch and has become a huge hit during the lockdowns enforced across the world.

Creator and founder VIRGO states:

Post lockdown, I played my first virtual rave in IMVU and it was a moving experience, all the highs and the come down after. I wanted to share that feeling with other artists. To keep the rave alive.

Virgo + M7 host each rave, bringing acts like Schacke, U.R. Trax and Repro on board for each rave.

virtual reality rave

As we all get used to a new world of rapidly increasing digital communication, and as IRL gigs, festivals and clubs fade into obscurity, we’re going to embrace series like SLIT more and more. This world event could truly be the catalyst where we start building inwards instead of exploring outwards, building virtual worlds, enhancing virtual reality and avatar like communication, leaving the physical world behind_

Tune in to the virtual rave of the future, on TWITCH. The next rave is on Saturday, June the 6th where Tommy Four Seven will be headlining. You can follow Parasite and Virgo on Instagram here.