Why London will be an electric vehicle only city by 2021


James Joseph | January 7, 2018

Last year I started making a strong prediction. London would be an electric vehicle only city in under five years time. Today I’m as certain as ever, and here’s why…

I truly believe the majority of the population just don’t understand how quickly certain technology is going to advance. Autonomous cars, AI and blockchain are three which are currently in a tidal wave of development.

1. The ethic shield.
In London alone 10,000 people die a year from Pollution. In-fact London blew through it’s pollution allowance in 2017 in just 5 days! For those companies that want to make big money in this space, having media headlines like the aforementioned is gold dust.

2. Political Pressure
Mayor Sadik Khan is on nothing short of a war-path against pollution. Introducing two new Pollutant related charges to central London in 2018 alone. For many years drivers have paid a £10 charge to drive in central London. In 2017 a toxicity charge of £11 was added. In 2019 a ULEZ charge of £10 will be added. For many it will become unaffordable to run or own a car in central London.

Oxford Circus is due to be completely pedestrianised by 2019, for similar reasons.

3. The Technology
This isn’t even the early adoption stage of the technology, we’ll be looking at switching to the early majority stage in the next couple of years. The Renault Zoe is just £12,000, the BMW i3 £25,000, in-fact nearly every major manufacturer has electric cars in the showrooms today.

4. The Future (Solar)
It blows my mind sometimes how short-minded some are. When the talk of ‘range’ is brought into the conversation. Firstly, electric cars are not built with the demand for range in mind currently, as all are selling geared to cities. Buyers of electric cars just aren’t asking for 500 mile ranges. When we get to the early majority stage, this will change.

Secondly, it almost seems like some have forgotten about the source of all energy. The Sun. When each electric car has a beautiful glass solar panel roof, and possibly solar absorbing body, and it never needs to be charged or plugged in it’s going to not only change society forever, but quite possibly have infinite range.

5. The Black Cab effect.
In their war against Uber, the black cab drivers have proven they can mobilise. But also that they find it hard to adapt to technology. There are currently 21,000 of them in London today, if just 50% of them move to the new TX ECity model by 2019 it’ll be a huge shift.