About The Editor

January 9, 2018

By CYBR Magazine

James is firstly a futurist, taking a deep interest in technologies and culture that will define tomorrow. Current predictions include an all electric vehicle London by 2021 and a strong belief in decentralised computing with the Ethereum platform. An investor in biotech and cybersecurity companies. James is also an accomplished developer giving him an understanding of the technologies.

James has featured in many high profile publications including the New York Times, The Daily Telegraph, and spoken about social media on Radio 1Xtra.

Having built up experience in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality platforms as project lead for a Vice Media acquired company. He is also qualified to speak on how the two technologies differentiate and can go forward in the next five years.

Defining the foundation of CYBR Magazine James states:

“Blending futurism with current culture is one of the most important aspects to create real public interest and understanding in rapidly evolving technology that will shape our future society.”