James Joseph | July 10, 2018

CYBR Magazine is a new print and digital bi-annual. A futurist publication documenting technologies and culture that is fast becoming today.

Autonomous cars, electric vehicles and decentralised computing are the hot topics of now. But increasingly overlooked are bigger societal shifts: How the economy can function when AI replaces jobs and livelihoods, a potential revolution in the food industry, and how we support our human body off-world, in further and longer space exploration.

In issue one, we delve into these topics. Kimbal Musk and Tobias Peggs talk us through their food revolution, Neuro Studio showcases their space-suit design and brands like Me Dic Al and AOKU explain how they see the fashion of the future. William Fairaday gives a more detailed look at electric vehicles, and we see the creativity of Ekaterina Belinskaya take form in her stunning ‘Space’ editorial.


We’re approaching a post human world, so where better to start in understanding and discussing the future.