Nike become the official apparel provider for League Of Legends


James Joseph | February 28, 2019

They said that eSports would never take off, they said that kids in their parent’s basements would never amount to anything. But now we have Ninja, Shroud and Summit1G all earning millions a year, packed out stadiums and even world championships.

Well, Nike wants in. Signing a deal with League Of Legends Pro League to become the official apparel provider. This deal includes clothing, sneakers, and will eventually also include team jerseys. To be honest, it is no real surprise, in 2019 the Superbowl was watched by 160 million in 2018, the League Of Legends final had 200 million. Yes that’s right, if you didn’t realise yet the Superbowl has nothing on eSports anymore, times are changing.

It’s a great move by Nike, but it will be interesting to see if Nike can bring some real creativity to the space. It would be great to see some Nikelab style drops in the gaming space, with high demand and low supply. Watching what the sneaker culture will do next is going to get really interesting.

Watch the trailer for the collaboration below: