CYBR MAGAZINE 02 digital "Rebooted"

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After the success of our first ever 'rebooted' issue the CYBR Issue 01, we're continuing the series, rebooting our original sold-out issues, by giving them new life, and allowing you to complete your collections.

The Rebooted copy is completely redesigned in up-to-date CYBR art style, and even includes a few exclusive articles. Take a look back at our first-ever editions in this limited-run print. 

For issue 02 we interview the VFX geniuses behind Ghost In The Shell and Ready Player One, we also featured iconic fashion brands like Heliot Emil and Neuro. Delved into Quantum Computing with IBM and investigated the advancement of VR with Audi and Virtuix Omni.

With the rebooted edition we've included one of our favourite artists THISSET and revisited the art duo AFTERFUTURE and their progress since our first feature in the original 02 issue.

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