CYBR Magazine 08 Digital EARTH 2070

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Isodope is the digitally created alter ego of Brazilian model Isabelle Boemeke. In an aesthetic merged between solarpunk and vaporwave Isodope is described as an alien-like, fission-powered creature. But as the World’s first ever nuclear energy influencer she has a more earthly mission, to decarbonize the planet. 

If we were aboard the OFF-WORLD space station, right now sirens would be wailing, ominous red lights flashing, and the AI communicator would be blaring: “life support system failure. Complete shutdown in T minus 30 minutes.” The crew would be all hands on deck, desperately attempting to fix the issue to avoid complete destruction.

Earth is our mothership, yet despite one of the worst pandemics in human history highlighting just how fragile our 7,000 year old civilization actually is, we’re ignoring the fact our life support is about to fail.

Turkey is on fire, Greece is on fire, Canada and California are on fire, North Korea is flooded, and inconceivably the crucial lungs of our planet, the Amazon rainforest is failing, now expelling more CO2 than it can capture. How are we still not taking drastic measures, in the same way we did to fight COVID-19? Is Climate Change still not understood enough? Surely the ominous red flashing lights and sirens are loud enough. So is it that we’ve given up?

Earth 2070 is our attempt to inspire change. We as a civilization have to make dramatic changes now or our society will have peaked, capitalism, an old trip to the moon half a century ago, and the internet will be as good as it got, because otherwise in 2070 we’ll be fighting for our lives on a desolate wasteland in an environment not too dissimilar to Resident Evil Extinction. Other lifeforms will jot humanity down as “Didn’t even reach Type 1 civilization”. Sound bleak? It is.

Dystopia or Utopia? The choice is ours.

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