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Print copy of Issue 02 SIM/ULATION

The second issue of our magazine and platform focusing on the theories, designs and culture of the future.

In this issue we discuss simulation. In our new ‘post truth’ era, it is becoming one of the fundamental shifts of our world, and one that both threatens and stimulates the future.

Our scientists use simulations to predict nature, ponder future events, and run possibilities of current ones. As a society we can now simulate people to photo-realistic standards, and use simulations to present a new reality, or even change one. The possibilities are endless, and they are already being used for good and bad.

But most of all we now have to address the question, are we in fact just the product of a simulation?

In this issue Territory Studio take us through their design work of Ready Player One and Ghost In The Shell, Neuro Studio present their digital production of techwear, we interview Sammi Swar on his futurist photography. Whilst Dr Christopher Handley discusses simulating nature through quantum computing, and we ask the question; are we really living in a simulation? Continuing this packed issue we delve into the aesthetic of Heliot Emil and Five Second Skin, and the renderings of Vfxfreek. Whilst William Fairaday continues his journey into the future of transportation, and takes a look at Audi’s new Holodeck.

The future of the S I M / U L A T I O N is upon us. Just what does define real?

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