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Print copy of Issue 05 VIRAL_300_140_MA - 100 pages

Augmented Reality on four pages using Instagram Filters - more added soon
Each issue comes with a free augmented reality enabled sticker

Featuring FN MEKA, CHARLI COHEN, NIKITA REPLYANSKI, THOMAS WEBB, RTFKT, SILICA, HIROTO IKEUCHI, MOTH3R, ENGWIND, BRAD BUILDS, plus our investigations into technology fighting the outbreak, viruses that make power for us, and much more

Just two months ago we ripped up the plan for ISSUE_05 and started again. We could see that the viral outbreak we’re currently coming to terms with was going to become an epidemic and we wanted to investigate and reflect on what the future could look like.

We could be looking at one of the biggest technological and cultural shifts in a generation. A future that might make most science-fiction seem closer than ever before. Virtual reality, digital expression through skins and avatars, autonomy and Universal Basic Income all have a part to play in our new future as we all become more interconnected in new ways.

The world is a daunting place right now whether for healthcare or economic reasons, but for this issue we didn’t want to dwell on fear, we wanted to celebrate the talent of technologists, scientists and artists who are all producing some of their best ever work to combat the outbreak and help us all come to terms with country wide shutdowns.

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